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Why Your Fashion is Missing the Mark (And How Can You Fix It)?

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Inspiration, such an elegant word to hear, but it also means great changes that take place around us. In our everyday life, there are many styles and people who always strive to make our day pleasant by simply sharing their valuable thought or advice. We observe our surroundings and capture all the good and bad memoirs to exploit them in our life or to alter our lifestyle choices. These memories inspire us each day to represent ourselves in a flawless form, but life isn’t always perfect. Be it a casual day at work or be it your wedding day, there are many levels where one’s fashion sense can be impetuous. This is something that happens out of the ordinary because, at rare events, even the most successful designers or an exclusive fashionista can at times fail to charm the crowd with the tiniest fashion blunders. What are these silliest malfunctions that we are talking about and does this all make us miss our mark? Let us uncover them all.

Be wary of the outfits that aren’t destined for your personality

Dressing up like a diva and feeling virtuous about yourselves is a good old dream of every woman. We may have come across many rapidly changing fads in the fashion industry, some of them might have given us the best recollections while some might not have. Nevertheless, there are always certain norms according to which a person must design his/her wardrobe.

The rules being:

  • Match your outfits accurately with your skin tone and body shape.

  • Take on board the occasion, weather, color palette, prints, and patterns.

These rules are surely not written as laws of fashion, but they are prepared to benefit the wearer and to make them appear prominently. Remember it’s not the clothes that show who you are, it is the other way around.

Recycle your wardrobe regularly and try new brands

Everyone has a favorite outfit or even oodles of them to which they abide by at all circumstances. But to avoid overcrowding in your closets, we need to go through regular remodeling. When the old clothes that don’t stand up to the standards of the situation are given out, the outfits of the classy today can make a lovely entry onto your hangers. If you are too attached to some outfits, then you can follow some of these easy hacks to bid a laid-back farewell. Make a list of all those qualities that hold you back from giving up a particular clothing piece and check they are still in trend, are suitable for most events, etc.

This step is not just for filling up your wardrobes but also to save time in choosing your outfit for the day. Arrange it according to a color palette or patterns that look fabulous on you. Like this, you would not repeat any outfit and flaunt around in various hues.

Artless details can make a huge difference

There are a lot of common styles for every fabric and clothing piece. Unlike today, there was a specific way all clothes were worn by men and women. But now the fad lies when a plain white tee is worn with the front part tucked in well or instead of wearing a blazer fully, it is just hung on the shoulders. Simple tactics like these can define a whole new self of us and it clearly indicates our love for looking a self-created fashionista mode.

In the above image, this kurta is worn with matching shaded

leggings which do not really lift the mood. A beige/off-white colored leggings or palazzo pants can do the magic.

A minor change in the hairstyle, adding on some bling with some little shimmery accessories can all surely change or add more sweetness to the entire outfit of the millennial girl.

The RIGHT type of accessories is a result of good research

Shoes and accessories are a crucial part of any outfit that can effortlessly make or break any outfit. Having some alluring pump heels or any killer sneakers can never level up the game. Colors and the way they blend in beautifully with the outfit matter. Red – a common yet fascinating shade that demands just more than enough attention while making fewer efforts.

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