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Things Wikipedia Can't Tell Us About Makeup

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We come across different makeup products every day and wish to try them out. We also look for makeup hacks to fulfill our urge for makeup creativity. And we reach out to our one-stop destination for all of this- Google. So, what does Google tell us, or what is the first thing that pops on google when you search for something? That's Wikipedia. Wikipedia is one of the most used websites for extracting information. From movie stars to cosmetic products, it has almost all the categories in store for us. But does it make you a pro? Does it have everything one might want to know? Well! not always. There are a few things that even Google or Wikipedia can't tell us, especially about makeup, but this blog will.

Makeup and Wikipedia

As discussed above, Wikipedia helps us with almost everything and is our go-to place every time we need help with information. But what does Wikipedia share about makeup? To be precise, nothing! However, it indeed has some detailed information about Cosmetics, which talks about makeup and its history. This is because you can't learn makeup through historical research but with practical application.

Makeup is an art that has been developed, changed, and improved with time. It's an art that comes from within. Wikipedia has plenty of theoretical information about foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, highlighters, etc. But it doesn’t teach you the practical application.

Now that we know makeup is more than just mere theory, let's jump into the top 5 things Wikipedia can never tell you about makeup.

Skin tone and product selection

While applying or evaluating any cosmetics item, the first and the main thing we consider is our skin tone. Having a cosmetics item that supplements our skin tone resembles a gift, and no Wikipedia or blog can do that for us. So, we take in this thing from our encounters.

Choosing the shade that compliments the shade of our face, and afterward, our neck in a real sense feels left out!

The same is with lipstick and eyeshadow shades as well, some shades look fabulous with the fair skin tone but don't go on with dark ones, and in some cases, the situation is vice-versa. And hence it proves that Wikipedia can never tell us which shade or color suits our skin tone; our own experience learns it.

Outfit, accessories, and combinations

Indeed, we love to evaluate new cosmetics styles and track down the ideal shade that suits our skin tone. However, it is likewise essential that the makeup goes with our outfits and accessories. The cosmetics aren't foundation, concealer, lipsticks, and all the eye cosmetics. It also comprises suitable hairdos, adorned, beautiful accessories, and ideal haircuts with the right cosmetics to make a flawless look. Unfortunately, Google, Wikipedia, these things can never disclose to us which sort of cosmetics is ideal for use as indicated by our outfit or accessories or hairstyles; this is something we need to sort out.

We often see a hairstyle or a makeup look tried out by an influencer or an actor or actress and try that out and figure out that it doesn't compliment our look, and that experience helps us out in the future.

Product suggestions

As I said toward the start of this article, various items are introduced on the market and our everyday lives, and we frequently want to give them a shot. Now, Google or Wikipedia can never help us select which item will go with our skin. I am not discussing skin tone or anything; I simply discuss an ideal item that will not have any intolerant reactions on our skin.

We have distinctive skin types, and consequently, a couple of items will suit your friends yet may have any severe responses on your skin. Furthermore, I have additionally attempted various items that turned out helpful for my friends and responded severely to my skin. Unfortunately, Wikipedia or Google, or some other article can never reveal which item is appropriate for your skin. You should know this yourself by directing specific patch tests or having some awful encounters or breakouts.

Makeup products- makeup- cosmetics- basics

Procedure to use the product

Each cosmetics item has a specific method of application. For instance, foundations are usually applied with the help of brushes or damp sponges; for applying eyeshadows, we have just about ten unique kinds of brushes used. A few groups lean toward utilizing a brush to apply foundation and utilize a damp sponge for blending concealer. Interestingly, a few groups use a damp sponge to apply everything. Some users simply three to four types of eyeshadow brushes, while some use a complete set of just about 24 brushes to apply eyeshadow, which varies from one individual to another.

Wikipedia can't tell us how to apply eyeshadow, foundations, concealers, bronzers, highlighters, and other items; that is something we should sort out alone. What direction is comfortable for us personally. Indeed, YouTube tutorials assist us with these things. All things considered, if you try to understand these procedures just by reading Wikipedia or any other blog, it would be impossible for you to get perfect results. This is something we are supposed to learn on our own.

Makeup hacks

Have you ever been in a public place or somewhere where you needed a blush and didn't have it, and you tried to use red lipstick to substitute for it? Have you ever tried to use a lip liner as eyeliner and found out that it worked perfectly? Have you ever used tissue paper and your compact to turn a glossy lipstick into a matted one? Have you applied a Vaseline to your eyelashes before applying mascara so that it looks thicker and more voluminous? I am sure almost every one of us would have tried at least one of these hacks. Now let me ask you a question: did you read about this on Wikipedia? Obviously, no, we might have seen our elders doing some of it. We might have tried this on our own or watched them in YouTube tutorials but not Wikipedia. And that my friend answers Wikipedia can never bring you or teach you about different makeup hacks. This is something we just come up with or randomly try.

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