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The Newest Innovations in the Cosmetic and Beauty Industry

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

The 21st century is the era of the development of new trends and technologies that are flourishing in almost all streams. And one of those streams is Cosmetics!

Over the decades, cosmetics and the methods of using them have developed a lot. There was a time when thin brows were in trend and almost everyone wanted them badly, but now it's not! In fact, there are brow pencils to make eye-brows look thick and voluminous. The same is with lipsticks, eyeshadows, hairstyles, and everything.

The Cosmetic industry has taken a huge turn in the last few years and various innovative ideas are brought about in the market by several companies and individuals.

In this blog you'll look at 5 'must know' innovations that have changed the game of the cosmetic and beauty industry.

Chanel lip scanner app

Have you ever bought lipstick online, thinking it'd look fabulous and we're disappointed when it arrived? Heartbreaking, right? Well, good news for you!

The world-famous luxury brand 'Chanel' has recently launched an app that helps buyers to know how a particular shade looks when a lipstick is applied. This is a virtual try-on application that helps you decide which lipstick shade is perfect for you. This would be such a money saver for all lipstick lovers.

Everist waterless hair products

Did you know that the shampoos and conditioners we apply are almost 60% water?

Yes, you read it right, and hence the containers are large in size and non-biodegradable, and also the proportion needed is also large. But Everist is here with a range of waterless hair products.

Yes, the product will contain natural raw ingredients and won't be water concentrated, and will be available in biodegradable aluminum tubes.

In this way, they are contributing to nature, and also the proportion of the product required will also reduce by almost 75%.

Skan my skin application

How would you feel if someone, and by someone, I mean a professional, customize and offers you a completely personalized product based on your skin type and other skin problems? Amazing, right?

We see advertisements and wish to try out certain products that claim to solve our problems, but everyone has different skin, and hence different problems, and getting a personalized product that's only for you is a game-changer.

Skan My Skin is here to do the same! In this app, you are supposed to click a selfie and enter a few details about your skin, and within 48 hours you'll see a personalized product, and then you can easily decide if you want to buy it or not. So convenient and easy, right?

Lush Cosmetics hot oil hair treatments

How would you feel if I told you I have a product that could save the money you spend on hair treatments?

Well, yes, Lush Cosmetics is here with new hot oil hair treatments that are completely easy to use and effective for all types of hair. It comes in a form of brick attached to a wooden stick (looks like an ice cream bar).

The procedure to use this product goes like this, boil almost 1ltr of water and stir the product in it with the help of a wooden stick, keep stirring until the product melts and the solution thickens, apply this mixture on your hair and wash off with shampoo after 20 mins. The leftovers can be preserved for up to 4 weeks.

At home derma-planing devices