Home decor ideas for pre-wedding functions.

India is a country that is loaded up with one or the other celebration, just when we were wrapping up our Diwali celebrations the next celebrations are lining up and it’s none other than the wedding season!

As the wedding day comes closer everyone in the house is occupied with some of the other pre-wedding chores, but the best part about Indian weddings is that it is not a one-day thing, there are so many other events and functions that take place before the weddings, and that’s what adds more life to our them, it's the season filled with a whole lotta fun, excitement, and joy.

But with this joy comes the ambiance and the vibes to match the level of awesomeness of the pre-wedding functions and if you are someone who is looking out for the best home decor ideas that one might give a try for this wedding season’s pre-wedding functions then you have made it to the right spot!

Let us dig into some of the greatest home decor ideas that you could give a shot at in this wedding season’s pre-wedding function like Haldi, mehndi pooja, etc, and so on. Also, for your reference, we have attached some pictures, and underneath that, we have attached a few links so the hack is to hit the link below if you like the items that are alluded to in the pictures and you will be redirected to shop for comparable items.

1. Fill the home with flowers.

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Flowers are the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when it comes to rituals and decorating the home traditionally, not only do they fill the place with their fragrant aroma but they also add elegance to the space.

You can also add the artificial genda flowers and shape them the way you want maybe decorate those beautiful Matka pots with them or maybe add a dash of floral rangoli into the atmosphere, or maybe just hang it behind the seating arrangement of the bride and groom you can also hang some on the roof and let it flow.

2. The enchanting fairy lights.

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There is possibly no ritual that would feel complete in a dull space because all we need is sparkle, illuminance, and some mellow vibes to make the room filled with positivity and euphoria.

Light up your space in every possible way you can with these quirky and merry fairy lights. This will undoubtedly create a magical and happy ambiance and will draw some more enthusiasm into the space. You can also experiment with lighting your space with bulbs and lights, light up your gardens, the big fat tree at the entrance of your home, and also near the seating arrangement of the bride and groom.

3. Throw in some table decorations.

Indeed, this will add some extra sparkle and some elegance into the space, as these are very convenient and look super adorable on the tables if you are wondering which table, then you can place these jars or any other table decor item as the center decor item of the dining tables.

You can place these in the middle of the table and you can also add some flowers or maybe use a satin cloth to cover the dining table and the chairs. You can also revive the hidden artist within you and try painting your old mason jars and bottles and add some pretty-looking flowers in it and your table decor item is ready!

4. Add some grace to the ceilings.

In the middle of decorating the ground, don’t forget to lift the vibe of the ceilings too! Hang some coolest and quirkiest flower hangings to the ceiling and make the space look much happier and merrier.

You can also try hanging paper balloons instead of the flowers and could also use some old cloth pieces like sarees and dupattas or simply use a draping cloth to cover the ceiling space and your space will instantly get a much richer look.

5. Create photo booths.

Selfies are the new trend and are a dear thing that people love to do all the time whenever they get all decked up for any kinda occasion and hence for such selfie enthusiasts why not create a whole separate space where they can share the joy by clicking selfies.

You can add some quirky elements like #veerkishaadi or maybe #dramaqueen and many more to add some extra spice to the booth. You can also decorate the background with artificial flowers or some crazy banners.

These were some of the coolest ideas that you could give a shot at, this wedding season’s pre-wedding functions and make this special time a lot merrier and one to remember.

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