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A Guide To Dressing Up Like Rachel Green From F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

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Presently, you must have got each and every scene of FRIENDS remembered and, especially, each and every outfit Rachel Green has worn at any point ever. As the gathering's occupant style master, her outfits hit all the coolest 1990s patterns – turtlenecks, trimmed sweaters, cow print, slip dresses. Her looks were so acceptable, truth be told, that you presumably must have seen a portion of her closet staples at your neighborhood. So to help you on your deep-rooted mission to be the Rachel of your companion bunch, we've assembled all of the best, and the most blazing Rachel outfits, she wore on the show – and where you can shop them now.

1. Monica's Roommate's Turtle Neck Top and Plaid Mini Skirt

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One of the closet staples that stacked Green's assortment, particularly during the underlying seasons, was the notorious couple of turtle necks and plaid smaller than normal skirts. From unadulterated dark and botanical examples to creased ones, her affection for skirts resounded well with the crowd. In this specific outfit, she can be seen wearing a woolen plaid creased skirt with a fitting warmer weather sweater and striped knee socks.

2. Paleontologists Girlfriend's Mint Slit Dress

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Unarguably perhaps the most exquisite outfit worn by Rachel was this smooth mint dress from Season 3. This dazzling one-piece accompanies a tasteful cut towards the side and has a slick square neck area. While Green took as much time as necessary in preparing in the scene, her last look doesn't baffle!

"By the way, I'm going commando too!"

3. Tag's boss's Pencil skirt attire

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