A Fashion Guide for this Festive Season

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

India is a country that is loaded up with such countless festivals that it seems like another festival is just around the corner when one festival is wrapped up, and to look vibrant yet chic is the thing that Indian women love.

Each festival raises one more opportunity to refresh your closet and add some additional sparkle into your wardrobe, Indian festivals are the rush hour where we share memories, socialize and a period where we have little family social events yet alongside these are the days where you can display your outfits and styles and leave the crowd in awe by sprucing up in your stunning ethnic outfits exhibiting your Indian-ness.

With the changing times and the fashion evolving every day would you say you are befuddled about what ought to be your ideal outfit this merry season? Indeed, then, at that point GlowyLifestyle is hanging around for you with a complete guide of look book that you can allude to for styling your looks and adorning yourself with lovely outfits, makeup, footwear and jewelry ideas, which would not just add up a lot of style into your closet yet, in addition, would include a tint of elegancy nonetheless you would feel outstanding amongst the crowd.

We have likewise attached a few pictures that you could refer to and get an insight of how to style your look and for you to get help with shopping the apparel pieces, we have attached the link under the photographs so on the off chance that you feel that this is the ideal dress that I would flaunt this festive season then all you got to do is smash the link and shop for comparable styles and enhance your wardrobe with some charming outfits.

To look outstanding yet up to date with the latest fashion is what we all love. We can either do this by collaborating a conventional outfit with jazz of western-style or adorning some conventional style with an amazing western outfit or blending and coordinating a conventional and western outfit and making an extraordinary and novel style.

In any case, the question is, how would we do that?

Let us get our hands on some of the outfit styles by ditching the traditional norms and try to create some extravagant contemporary looks.

1. The palazzo-saree look

Wait, what!? Collaborating a saree with palazzo? As crazy as it sounds it looks completely different and looks conventional yet trendy. Replace the salwar with the trendy Palazzos and the saree with a long dupatta.

How to accomplish this style?

All you need to grab is a crop top that goes hand in hand with your palazzo it could be a matching set of the palazzo and a crop top or it could be 2 contrasting colors that blend truly well with each other. Then, grab a long dupatta that matches with the set of outfits and wrap it around like a saree.

2. Embroidered Gowns

With regards to gowns generally, the principal thing that goes over our minds is a type of westernized design yet it isn't the case any longer nowadays we can find gowns in a multitude of styles accessible in the market which we can undoubtedly get and style this merry season.

How to accomplish this style?

All things considered, you can either get a gown that is loaded up with some staggering embroidery, select some and wear it coordinating with these jhumki or you can embellish a basic and plain gown with an embroidered long shrug/coat.

This style is not just easy to wear with a relaxed vibe and yet is exceptionally simple to keep up with you can display this outfit in an evening gathering or just wear it for any customs or poojas you can likewise include some additional Indian squeeze by adding a coordinating dupatta to finish this look.

3. Skirt with a crop top

Skirt and a crop top are an ideal blend that each woman might want to carry and is additionally something that looks stylish and is simultaneously vibrant whenever collaborated flawlessly. It is particularly ideal for the ones who need to add some contemporary touch to the traditional outfit.

How to accomplish this style?

You should simply get a crop top and a skirt that could consummately blend, try not to pick 2 odd tones which wouldn't coordinate with each other that might break your look as opposed to making it, normally contrasting colors go well with this kind of outfit yet you should simply pick the tones carefully. However, you can style it in the manner you like, you can wear a heavily embroidered crop top with a plain skirt or go with a heavily embroidered skirt with a plain top could be the best approach.

You can likewise add a conventional coat/shrug to finish this look or in the other case you can team it up with a dupatta which is similar to at least one of either the blouse or the skirt.

4. Anarkali kurta with palazzo

Anarkali kurta is a must-have piece of ethnic wear that can be found in each Indian woman's wardrobe. A palazzo is always comfortable and is simple to carry and when you team it up with an Anarkali kurta it creates a layered look that is polished and gives us some customary vibes simultaneously.

How to accomplish this style?

Grab an Anarkali kurta and palazzo pants and select the tones which combine. You can group this mix with an embroidered Anarkali kurta and plain palazzo pants that would make your style look very stylish and tasteful. If you want you can enhance this look with a long dupatta holding it on one shoulder or you can basically include a short traditional coat, simply don't try too hard and don't wear a coat if your Anarkali kurta is intensely embroidered and settle on a dupatta rather which matches with the embroidery and shade of the Anarkali kurta or the palazzo.

5. Crop top with dhoti pants

What? Never knew about this particularly odd combination, right? In any case, this blend is phenomenal at a similar time the dhoti incorporates some customary vibes while dumping the conventional kurta we supplant it with a crop top which gives it a tint of western-style, this look would toss in some remarkable fashion which would make you feel noticeable all around the air.

How to accomplish this style?

For this look, you need to get a closely resembling set of a crop top and dhoti pants this look with a contrasting set of tones may look odd and henceforth attempt to group both the arrangement of attire bits of a comparable shading and design, you can finish this look by adding a dupatta of a contrast shading which could mix well with the shading of the crop top and dhoti set that you have chosen, for instance, a white/black dupatta with a red crop top and dhoti pants would go quite well while in the other case you can simply include a long shrug or coat which would mix in well with the arrangement of top and dhoti this will add a layer to your outfit and there you go with this very comfortable and simple look earning everyone's appreciation as you stroll down the aisle!

6. Fabulous Ruffle-skirt Saree

Umm knew about ruffle skirts yet never heard about ruffle sarees? Indeed, ruffle sarees are a contemporary twist to the traditional sarees which have a frilled and layered skirt rather than the standard pleated skirt sarees. These sarees are not difficult to wear and look trendy and rich simultaneously. One who loves to wear a saree for festive seasons need to for sure have this saree in their collection.

How to accomplish this style?

You can find ruffle sarees anyplace these days in the markets and also on the web, you can discover an assortment of these sarees as they are very much in trend these days as they are not difficult to wear, in contrast to the traditional sarees.

You should simply get one ruffle saree and wrap it around essentially, wrap the skirt segment at your midriff and the pallu segment at the chest area and that is the best approach.

You can wear this saree at festivals as well as in the wedding season and display your incredible style grabbing everybody's attention.

Some extra fashion tips for Jewelry, Hairdo, Makeup and Accessories:

• The jewelry, hairdo and makeup shouldn't be a lot as we are dressing up for a festival and not a wedding. Keep it basic by utilizing a couple of long earrings or rather utilize a bunch of statement necklaces, whichever suits the best with your outfit. You can likewise include a bracelet/bangle and a ring for augmenting some richness into your hands.

• A braid could be an ideal hair styling for any of the festive outfits, you can likewise attempt bun up-dos, open curls or essentially let your hair be free rather than any fancy hairdo.

• Makeup should be modest by focusing more on the eyes giving it a little dash of charm and keeping it lesser on the lip area for example a smoky eye look and an ideal nude shade of lipstick could be similarly as great or you can do the other way around, i.e., going brighter on the lips and lesser on the eye region, you can add some gloss to the lips and some metallic eyeshadow which are additionally in trend nowadays. Simply remember not to do anything over the top.

• For shoes, assuming your dress is monochrome, go for a couple of heels which is contrasting to your outfit shading that would not only add some tone to your outfit yet, in addition, would make you look vogue, in the other case if your outfit comprises of more than 1 tone go for a couple of heels/jutti that would coordinate with at least one shade of your outfit so your look holds a stance of subtleness and doesn't look unduly absurd.

So, there you go! Presently, you're good to go and rock this joyful season with your extraordinary and impeccable fashion.

These were a few styles that you could attempt this merry season and turn into a fashionista by flaunting your very trendy and exquisite fashion taste with confidence and grace.

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