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A beginner's guide to fashion

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

Everyone has a unique take on the world of fashion. It is a complex statement for some of us, whereas, for many, it is a characteristic you want to be known. Every day, a new fad overwhelms the fashion world, and it tends to evaporate within hours. So, keeping up with the fashion buzz can be a little complicated. But it's not all rocket science. Having vast knowledge of fashion or being called a "fashionista" is not a genetic blessing. Instead, it is something that you work on every day and gives room for your inventiveness to surprise you in every way.

Fact: New York, London, Milan, and Paris. This is the order in which primary international fashion weeks always take place.

Let us break it down to how the fashion scenario works and how creating your signature style clothes and accessories is not a vicious job.

Do your research

Before you start any workload, it is vital to study the subject and gain some skill over the idea. How you do that? You have to identify your goal: is it to look fashionable at your workplace, impress your date, or showcase your individuality by your fashion preferences? Whatever be the reason, do your study based on your objectives.

Research doesn't mean going through some theories or studying a variety of clothing magazines. It can be as simple as observing people near you or scrolling down the Pinterest boards you had saved a long time ago. After you finish off your extensive research, notice the crucial pointers which indicate your likes or dislikes towards any particular outfits. Then, compare these interests with the other clothes to see if you can find a match.

Scram out of your "safe haven" and experiment

Many people we would have come across in life who do not care much about their style intentions and are very satisfied with their appearance. Of course, it is never wrong to be delighted in your skin, but that is not favorable in the long run. For example, if you see one of your friends wearing a cute outfit to a party and you don't think you can ever look decent in it, then think again. Look at what you to be in total denial about the outfit, so next time you can add in your style in it and come up with a better outcome.

So, lookup for the colors, patterns, and tones you think are tough to handle and take it as a challenge to change it into something you can

your boundaries and extend your

concerns over clothing to a vast expanse.

Always have a close pact with your go-to outfits

Girls always love certain outfits which have a story behind them. They can't let go of these dresses even though they hang in their wardrobes for ages. It is ideally acceptable to be attached to them to point out some essential points that make them so desirable.

Find out the reason behind the affection towards these clothing to find similar qualities in your upcoming shopping list. Then, make a list of all your favorite things you like in those outfits - it can be the fabric, ruffled sleeves, or the way it highlights your tattoos.

Lustrously accessorize your empty canvas

How a visit to Agra is never fulfilled without catching a glimpse of the beautiful Taj Mahal is never complete without adding some dynamic accessories. There are no specified rules for fashion, and its limits are endless. A plain white tee can be made chic by pitching in some vibrant-colored accessories like a rainbow-colored headband, some golden bracelets, along some antique rings. It is imagination that plays a massive game in your complete clothing of the day. So never shy away from trying that incredible necklace you saw in the store the other day or a fabulous floral headband that your friend gifted you on your birthday.

It's only when you try different clothing items you can select the best ones out of them. Remember that your body is like an empty canvas, ready and pumped to be camouflaged with the loveliest shades and contours.