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7 myths about home decor!

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Home décor myths are all over the place and when you attempt to decorate your home, clearly you will succumb to them but falling for these home décor myths really prevents you from enriching your own home in your own specific manner. This is why it is important to know which myths are valid and which are not.

In case you are at a new place and you presumably can't manage the cost of an interior designer you need not stress over it, simply a few tips and a couple of myth busters can assist you with enhancing your little haven which would simply be an ideal portrayal of your style and taste.

In this article, I am about to list out 7 myths about home décor that you should be aware of, and also, I have listed out the links of the product, that you might want to consider once the myths are busted!

Here are 7 absurd myths about home décor which this blog will bust out for you!

Myth 1: Dark tones make the rooms look more modest

This is a common belief however indeed if we make a perfect selection of how and when to utilize a dark shade it could certainly add warmth, surface, and dimension to your room.

A monotone does give an illusion of a spacious room however the setup of the furniture also leaves an impact, rooms tend to appear smaller when they are confined and clustered.

Dark walls are the ideal spaces to put high-quality art pieces since they enhance their perceivability.

Any piece of art hung on a dark wall could make an incredibly effective statement; it not only enriches the art piece but also makes the room look exceptional.

Myth 2: Mixing up patterns and prints isn't elegant

This is another misconception that should be revised, the patterns and prints add more liveliness to the room, just by adhering to a decent color scheme your room can look great.

You can utilize a distinctive number of patterns and prints including floral, stripes, checks, plaids, crisscross patterns, there are numerous wallpapers easily available in the market which look great and add more to the room

Some of the wallpapers are light-reflecting which adds patterns to your room as well as makes it more brilliant; this could work incredibly well in the area where your room is dull or has lesser light.

Myth 3: Matching the colors

Mixing, combining, or mixing different tones gives your home a layered feel.

Contrasting is the new 'trend' then be it your clothes or your home décor, all you need to do is pick up some really good color scheme plans which could blend in well with your other décor and furniture items.