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5 trending women clothing brands

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

About some decades ago, people thought of clothing as a shield that is utilized, to protect themselves from external factors. As generations flew by, more colors and innovativeness were sprinkled on the clothes by their designers in an unfathomable manner. As the level of style and glamour is way too high, thanks to the celebrities and the fashion show models – women need creativity and great diversity in everything they own. We have many brilliant fashion brands for women for ages whose work has reached every corner of the world because of its sprightly designers. So, here we have handpicked some crucial women clothing brands that have never failed to impress us with their budget-friendly yet classy outfits that are comme il faut for everyone.

1. Max fashion brand

Max is well-known fashion apparel for women’s ethnic wear that has been developed, in many cities across India. Having its roots in UAE, it is one of the biggest and most successful fashion brands in Dubai. It is a market that houses many kinds of attire, accessories, footwear and so on for the whole family. The Max brand has famously been an open gallery for many in-house or international designers and also has many self-made designs from its own set of exquisite designers. They all have their clothing and other gear made in untold colors and admirable designs.

Max continues to be the number one brand that captures all its viewers despite its competition in the fashion business.

2. FabAlley

Tanvi Malik and Shivani Poddar, the dynamic creators behind the trendy fashion label, FabAlley never thought they would have a business of clothing someday and that brand would become a famous identity for themselves. They both quit their top-notch corporate jobs like every other business maven. They wanted to do this because the duo has always felt, that there was a huge difference between high-end clothing and elegant yet affordable workwear. It was a common opinion of many women from the commercial sector, and this is the inspiration point that pushed this millennial duo to create a never-seen clothing brand.

Fab Alley started as an all-accessory brand with simple jewelry, footwear and bags at not-so extravagant rates. But the founders soon realized that women wanted more of this range in clothing too. So they quickly jumped to selling clothing collections by their young and talented design team. Their clothing collection usually lasts for a week or so varying, on the fast-changing fad that tunes women to fashion brands like theirs. So, FabAlley is all about trendy, rapid western as well ethnic wear that is suitable for all Indian women aged between 20 to 30 years.

3. Miss Chase

Miss Chase is a renowned and fresh clothing brand that sells quality-rich clothing pieces in a very affordable range. The designers of the Miss Chase brand draw their inspiration from European style art and, turn it into wonderful designs that are best recognized by Indian women. This brand has the best range of outfits for college goers and workwear for young women.

They have fast fashion models that keep processing their old costumes with new and happening vogue that keeps the ladies on their toes. Though it is an online brand, its sales are always high regardless of the occasion. Their store involves everything from – clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. The Miss Chase fashion brand is always connected to its consumers in the most innovative ways through social media channels.

4. Vero Moda

One might think that Vero Moda, the most popular clothing brand for women, is only befitting for runway models and well-known celebrities. Many pretty celebrities like Kate Moss have indeed been the brand face of Vero Moda, but it is very much retable for all Indian women. This brand can be identified as the one that helps women purchase internationally reclaimed trendy outfits at just prices.

Vero Moda was launched in India in 2010 and, within a matter of a few years, it has got a great turnout and has been a favorite of ladies of all forms.

Vero Moda is best known for its record of keeping with the trends of the world of fashion. It sells excellent staples of everyday wear for women and, of course, it also includes those special outfits that are fit for those special moments.