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5 Home Decor Activities Anyone Can Try

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

This pandemic period sitting at home idle, doing absolutely nothing? or then again oh gracious, the end of the week is approaching nearer and you have got no plans! Are you worn out from feeling boredom?

Then, at that point this is the best and ideal opportunity to explore something new and bring out the creative side of you, we are here with some exceptionally incredible home-decor DIY projects, which won't just assist you in redesigning and upgrading your space to some reasonably lesser sum yet will likewise make you productive.

These are some extremely ingenious DIY home-decor ventures that you can attempt at your home regardless of whether you're not generally good at art and crafts because these are very simple yet beautiful creative ideas that would make your home look incredibly remarkable and will leave people in awe!

So, let's get our hands dirty with certain innovative projects, all you need while doing these exercises is some basic crafts and art skills, some investment of time and a few supplies, however, we do comprehend that you can't simply escape your home to purchase supplies so for your convenience we have attached the links for the supplies that you will require for the projects. So, you like a project, and need to perform it however you are out of supplies? Just hit the link underneath right away and flaunt your creative skills.

1. DIY temporary washi tape wallpaper

Supplies that you require:

• Washi Tape.

• Measuring tape.

• Pencil.


1. Grab a measuring tape and measure 2 cm.

2. Mark the 2cms that you previously measured on the measuring tape on the surface you are willing to design with a pencil.

3. Create any design with a pencil as per your preference. Some examples that you could use are hexagonal honeycomb design, squares, triangles or just simple horizontal or vertical lines.

4. Choose the washi tapes as per your desire and organize them in a sequence you are willing to see on your surface.

5. The designs that you have previously marked with the pencil, stick the washi tapes to them with precision.

Tada! Your surface has a whole new look, within a couple of instants. You can make any surface of your house including your cupboards, windows, doors or walls attractive using this technique.

2. DIY aromatic candles

Supplies that you require:

• Beeswax/ candle wax.

• Water bath.

• Bowl.

• Candle wicks.

• Aromatic essence.

• Color (optional)

• Glass/ jar.