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5 Creative DIYs With Which You Can Improve Your Old Decor Items

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

A cozy space is what everybody adores except now and again our furniture items over the long run start to look old and rusty even though they are as yet in a decent condition and could work for quite a long time and we would prefer not to simply dispose of them, rather for what reason don't we get a bit inventive and give our furniture items a fresh look?

With this blog, you will comprehend that redecorating has never been simpler and change and beauty is a need to be inspired and roused, and the new look would animate cheerful energy into your little havens.

So here are some fun, inexpensive and unique ideas that will empower you to inhale a little fresh air with your refreshed home decor, we have additionally joined pictures for you so you have an understanding of the before and after outcomes and beneath those photos, you will find a few links those links are appended for you to purchase the items that are referred to in the blog, so now, you can shop for those things without going out.

So how about we get our hands on probably the coolest DIYs ever.

1. Add a coat to your old chair

Want to transform your old chair into a new one? Add a fresh coat of paint!

You can either do this utilizing the regular paintbrush and roller technique however that tends to, in general, get messy and is tedious as well, so for what reason don't we attempt to splash your chair with spray paint it would rather make this work somewhat less untidy and simple.


  • Grab some newspapers and put them under and in the surrounding area near the chair that needs to be repainted. This will prevent the tiles or the other areas from being over-sprayed too if you have a place outside your house it shall be the ideal space to perform this activity.

  • Make sure you use gloves and use and apply Vaseline to the other areas of your hand and body so that the paint doesn't stick to your skin.

  • The next step is to remove the fabric seat of the chair as you don't want to paint your seats too if your chairs are all made of the same material and do not possess a fabric seat you need not worry about this step.

  • When you are ready to spray just shake your bottle or say stir your paint and spray it directly onto your chair.

  • The final step is to give it a 2nd coat after 24 hours of the 1st coat. This will ensure that all the areas of the chair are covered and there is no spot missed! You can apply a 3rd coat for even better results, 24 hours after the 2nd coat.

Now, you don't need to get rid of your old chair and you can start using it again!

2. Give your sofa a new look using a stretchable Sofa Cover

Couch covers these days are accessible in various exquisite styles and shadings, they instantly spruce up your home decor changing your old furniture into new.

House of Quirk Universal Solid Sofa Cover Big Elasticity Cover for Couch Flexible Stretch Sofa Slipcover (Lilac, Four Seater)

These covers have a stretchable texture with stretchable corners that give an ideal wrinkle-free fitting that will not change its shape easily unlike the traditional covers.


  • Grab the sofa cover and look for the side with a wash label that is supposed to be your backside, cover your backside of the sofa with it.