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16 Fashion Books You Need To Read

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

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Everyone has a sui generis personality and a different insight towards fashion. It can be an overwhelming process or a liberal hobby for many women. The trick lies in finding out what best suits you and listen more to your body than any other advertising fashion label. People have always received advice or decent tips for dressing up from well-known fashion magazines like Chanel or Vogue and, the crowd that is most obsessed with celebrity life can always pick up unsolicited hints from popular fashion websites.

The one place where you can obtain riveting data about fashion and the planets revolving around them is from some amazingly sought-after must-read fashion books. From the age, people knew books were the only memories or collections with which you can look back at your favorite milestones in life, every designer or any person who claims to be so, has written their biographies, life in and out of the fashion world, novels, artifacts, who had a huge impact on every one ever involved in this sector.

If you think that searching for the relevant fashion book on Amazon is much more soporific than you thought, then think again. Furthermore, here we have gladly and carefully picked out 16 of the best fashion books from Amazon that will influence us to be both stylish and be savvy about it.

1. The Conscious Closet: The Revolutionary Guide to Looking Good While Doing Good

After writing and enjoying the enormous praise received from her bestseller book, Overdressed, Elizabeth L. Cline continues to impress us with yet another fashion book, with a twist. The author, who is known to be a person who is well-versed with trends and their consequences, has written this book on creating an elementary yet high-minded wardrobe. A closet that only has wardrobe staples made out of environment-friendly fabrics and statement outfits makes a women's essence capture a million hearts.

2. The Conscious Closet

Western people of the recent generation have sadly forgotten the true value of authentic clothes. All are rushing towards the desiccated type of fashion that puts up its most famously cheap sales to gain more attention to outfits that are now famously quoted by the youngsters as “fast fashion.”

But, what has happened to the creative artisans, and their impeccable craftsmanship that had once made fashion a perdurable ingredient for life. The author Elizabeth L. Cline, who was an obsessed shopper herself, discovers how unperishable the fashion nation has become and what kind of sad mentality we all have developed towards limitless, evergreen fashion pieces from history.

3. The Psychology of Fashion (The Psychology of Everything)

As the name of the book suggests, The Psychology of Fashion tells us how our dressing methods and the choice of outfits have a radical impact on our psychological processes. Our preferences in colors, fabrics, style of clothes determine how much of a fashionista we all are. This book is like a guide that shows us the path to find answers to questions like: Do I love my body despite the oddities in the world? Why am I such a lousy/compulsive shopper? How did I end up having 17 pairs of high-heel boots when I despise the rainy weather?

4. Basics Fashion Design 08: Styling

We would have watched many fashion shows and gone through a zillion fashion magazines to check out what our favorite celebrities are up to or what is the hottest trend on the run. Ever thought about how these photoshoots happen and the hard work that goes into setting up a factual yet dreamy catalog. Clare Buckley, a prominent fashion stylist, and Jacqueline McAssey, a variant fashion lecturer, are here to jot down the fundamentals of putting together a fashion-related drive that could be relevant under every budget and motive. In their book Basics Fashion Design 08: Styling, the authors have shown us vividly the set of skills that are required to carry out such a boisterous operation.

5. Start Up Your Fashion Label

Start Up Your Fashion Label Paperback – 27 June 2016