13 Things You Definitely Didn't Know About Fashion

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

We have all been there. Not knowing which colored jewelry is suitable for a chic party or the difference between a day dress and a nightdress, all this has been Greek and Latin for everyone at some point in life. How did they overcome this tragedy? Endless practice, self-confidence, and maybe some light reading to keep you ahead of the game. It takes effort to discover what is best suited for your body and what precisely reflects your personality in a clear tone. But with ethical suggestions and credible critics, you can become a fashion monger in a brief span.

1. Create a typical routine

A routine does not mean to be disciplined and to have an accurate pattern for everything. But it means to a hit and run situation while rushing to work, it is always suggested to have an order to wear your clothes. Checking the time, weather, the event we can put together an outfit that covers these criteria. You can also try to fit in an informal outfit that is appropriate for all causes.

2. Layer it up

Who said layers are only for the cold winters. If anyone wants to look dapper in the most unstained way, layers like trench coats or blazers are here to save the day. They come under the comfortable yet sophisticated clothing collection and are suitable for all age groups.

3. Have a closer look at the prints and patterns

Max Women's Rayon Straight Kurta
Max Women's Rayon Straight Kurta

Vertical stripes are the only clothing prints that can get to great heights. It helps to divert attention from your bulky body parts and adds a nice rhythm to the outfit too.

4. Don’t spend too much on reckless sales!

Given the state of getting all work done in just one click, we all have got so lazy to purchase items from the store. Thanks to the limitless sales posted every once in a while, online shopping has gone from being a trend to a necessity. While you are there, be careful to choose the right outfits for you that will be utilized well for a long duration.

5. Welcome rental fashion with wide arms!

This division of fashion is a whole new dynamic and has attracted many commoners to enjoy the outfits fit for a diva at a low cost. This is not just ideal for grand clothes like bridal wear but also a plain set of sandals to accessories too.

6. More selection of elegant pieces is advisable

Trends are popular today but tomorrow the same cute t-shirt that was a bestseller would be lost in thin air.

So instead of wasting energy over short-term goals, invest more on clothing pieces that will never go out of fashion like the classic LBD, cashmere sweaters, vintage watches, pumps, etc.

7. Confidence is the silkiest lipstick that shimmers perfectly

A basic skincare routine is important to feel confident and strong-willed. A natural makeup procedure is a nice gesture to go about the entire day. On occasions, you can very well try out a bold lip color or go for the statement eye look for a better makeover.

8. Denim is a love that never fades

Like how a big-sized burger is incomplete without some hot, delicious fries so is your wardrobe without a stylish pair of jeans.

There are too many kinds of these pants in the market, each of them designed especially for each body type and mood. Boot cut, pencil, straight, slim jeans are all very much in style but pear or apple-shaped body typed people must be wise with their choice of jeans.

They should avoid acquiring attention in their torso part and try the extraordinary: wear a dark shaded Kurti or t-shirt that is embellished by vintage buttons or has a Queen Ann neckline that adds more charm.

9. Accessories aren't just about sunglasses and bracelets!

Accessories are very much necessary regardless of the category of outfits you choose for the day. The selection of befitting accessories with the clothing depends on the wearer and the color palette.

If you have decided to go on an all-black strike, then wearing some gold hoop earrings or a simple infinite pendant can do the work. This would in reverse if you want to wear some bright-colored outfits.

10. The shoe game must always be on point

The most incredible staple of any outfit is footwear. Just a simple pop of color tied up with some laces can make a delightful difference to the entire look of the person.

White sneakers here, for example, can be worn by anyone who wants to display more of a vibrant look. This footwear even watches with ethnic wear like sarees or lehengas showcasing the power of change.

11. Invest well in lingerie

Proper innerwear is a significant step when you deal with fashion. It is an area where even the strongest fashion experts can go wrong.

So no matter how expensive your garments are, wearing the right kind and the proper colored inner garments is truly important.

12. A go-to outfit must be the star of the wardrobe always

One must at all times have a favorite outfit or a set of all your comfortable pieces at your reach. This can be a winter wear blazer that has always been like a support pillow in your emotional times or that beautiful Banarasi saree that has passed down to you from your grandma. Irrespective of the event, sometimes it is your opinion that matters most.

13. Learning some versatile hairstyles is a good hack

Some of us are skilled in this category while some of us can manage to pull off some cool hairstyles. No matter what, educating yourself on some handy hairdos can be a huge favor you can do for yourself. Invoke some classy hairpieces to have it look like an effortless step.


These are some of the hacks, tricks, and solutions for all the newbies who have to struggle to find the right choices to begin a wonderful fashion journey. If you need any more advice, feel free to check out our website, GlowyLifestyle.

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